The following are resources I found useful along my writing journey. Having never formally studied the craft, I don’t feel particularly qualified to offer advice, but this is where I found inspiring and informative material relevant to my needs…

On Writing

Author Nicola Morgan’s Write to be Published and her blog offer a wealth of knowledge on the craft of writing. Nicola’s book is well indexed so can either be read all in one go or dipped into for snippets of more pertinent information.

K.M. Weiland’s Helping Writers Become Authors is another great resource. You can find her website here.

If you enjoy reading about how to write, then the Writer’s Digest Writing Articles have copious numbers of short articles on any topic related to the craft. Simply click on the ‘Writing Articles’ tab and search by Genre, Writing Goal or Writing Level.

Writing Organisations

Organisations such as the Australian Writers’ Centre, the Romance Writers of Australia and the Australian Society of Authors all provide opportunities to link with other writers who are travelling the same path. They also offer mentoring programs, courses relevant to writing and publishing, conferences and events, and lots more. I am currently a member of Romance Writers of Australia.

Manuscript Assessments

For me personally, having a manuscript assessment was invaluable for the advice I received on writing as fashion, and that just as our clothes go in and out of style, so too do the various styles of writing. Sally Odgers’ Affordable Manuscript Assessments was a lucky find for me, and through the process I learnt much about plot logic, believability, breaking the rules of reality, characterisation and writing style.


The only piece of advice I will offer is how important it is to just keep going. Write every day. Set a goal to complete at least one scene or reach a particular word limit.  Knowing I’ve written at least 1000 words a day, especially on a ‘bad’ day, keeps me on track and the momentum of the story flowing. You can read about how to write but it’s only through doing that you develop as a writer.