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I am completely unravelled. He presses his forehead onto mine. “You feel so good,” he breathes, and I’m stripped and laid bare; basking for once in my unvarnished state.


Sam has never minded the tranquillity of living in a tiny coastal town, but when school finishes forever, her world begins to change. First she meets Jack, his blasé charm hiding a secret from his past. And dark broody Riley, her almost-boss from the café seems to only want one thing. Her.

But Sam is dealing with issues of her own. Her mother suffers a mental illness and their history is one that Sam tries desperately to forget. But fate has other plans, and when an unforeseen event wreaks havoc on Sam’s life, Sam must face her long-held fears.

When Sam’s world is rocked to its core, her instinct is to run. From Jack, her mother, and the pain that grips her heart. But Sam can’t run forever, and she must find a way to pick herself up and deal with an issue she’s put off for far too long.

Can Sam allow Jack to be there for her when already he’s suffered so much? Or will she finally succeed in pushing him away forever?

(Young Adult Romance. Estimated release date – April 2014)

Falling Away Teaser 


The beach is dark. Really dark. Except for the bonfire crackling wildly on the dune, it’s hard to see further than the closest reach of the sea. And nothing will take this emptiness away. Because memories of Jack will never be enough. Never. And although the crowd at this drunken beach-party sways in measured motion before my eyes, Jack is all I see. All I will ever see. And I lost my heart to him long, long ago. In the blink of an eye. In half of a heart-beat. And tonight I realise, there is no remedy for waiting.

The sea is so warm. And all I want now is to swim. Just a little. Out to that elusive horizon and back again. Because to be cradled in the arms of this deep onyx sea is what I need. How I feel. What I know.

And if Jack doesn’t want me …        

“Sam!” screams Emily from the shore, hitching up her dress to escape the initial watery chill. “You need to come out! Right now!”

“But it’s warm!” I giggle stupidly. “Come on, Em! Let’s swim!” I close my eyes, his face so fresh in my mind, and gently topple over at the slap and slosh of a wave.

“Are you crazy?” Em calls as I wobble further out. “You’re drunk, Sam! This is not a good idea!”

“But it feels so good!” I yell, lurching into the bucking waves in my tight red dress. “Come in!”

I dive under and feel the pull of the rip. The one I hadn’t noticed before. In the daylight I would’ve seen this. Without alcohol I might’ve too, even at night. But the pull is so freeing. So liberating. It’s exactly what I need. To float away under a shadowy sky.

Just a little swim, and then I’ll come back …

© Allie Little 2014